Treasure Hunting

Working in the Archives and with primary resources has always been something like a treasure hunt for me. With all the digging that I do (through old files and through cyberspace) I never know what I’ll find next.

I guess I first became fascinated with this type of work when I was in middle school and nominated to take part in a great competition called National History Day, or NHD. I did it almost every year until I graduated from High School, made it to States a few times, and then won the National competition with my group for a performance about Qin Shi Huangdi, the First Emperor of China! (Obviously had difficulties getting hands on any primary sources, but we made it work somehow!)

Anyway, today I headed over to the Office of Stewardship (in the basement of Fairchild Chapel, who knew!) to pick up some student files of Nisei students who passed away after 2007. (The files of all students who passed away before 2007 are located in the Archives. Someday we’ll all have student files of ourselves– I wonder if anyone will go through mine.)

  • Mitsuko Matsuno  (Mrs. Yoshio Yanagawa)
  • Jean Mieko Moriuye (Mrs. Harold Colyer Conklin)
  • June Kitazawa (Mrs. Barr)
  • Teruko Akagi
  • Mr. Renso Y. Enkoji
  • Michiko Matsushima (Mrs. Fujimoto)
  • Margaret Yokota (Mrs. Matsunaga)

I’m especially excited to receive these files because while some Nisei became professors, scholars, charitable donors, board members of Nisei/Japanese American/Nikkei (Japanese-descent)/Veteran organizations, etc. and have been published about in articles (or obituaries), I have been unable to find much information on these seven.

More to come…


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