New Names!

I’d just about stopped searching for more names and then BOOM! Five more Nisei within one hour.

  • Ichiko Eliza Mukai Hisanaga (found from a letter from Kenji Okuda to Norio Higano transcribed and uploaded by the University of Washington; Kenji’s letters are pretty amusing not only because they speak of his life at Oberlin, but also because they document his and his friends’ (continuous) pursuits of women. )
  • Yoshie Morinaga (found when I tried to search for a mentioned “Haruye Morinaga, who I inevitably did not find.)
  • Midori Satoni Odo (found when flipping through the class registry after finding Ichiko’s name)
  • Roy Nakata (found when I glanced through the ’43 yearbook in which Ichiko’s senior portrait appears; he’s a freshman at the time)
  • Hisayo Morinaga (found next to Yoshie in the yearbook; they appear to be siblings)

This makes a total of AT LEAST 38 Nisei who were present in Oberlin during the WWII years. I have a feeling I’ll find a few more.

(When I began this project a few months ago, Clyde and the Archives had an estimate of “about 17” names of Nisei.)

The feeling you get when finding a ton of leads in one fell-swoop by accident = the absolute sweetest.


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