Research featured in the Oberlin Alumni Magazine

I was recently contacted by Clyde Owan, Alice Takemoto, and my father to let me know that an article by Lisa Chiu about my research has finally been published in the summer edition of the Oberlin Alumni Magazine! How exciting! I don’t own a physical copy myself (it’d be great if someone sent me one!) but my father did send me some pictures. I’m very honored to have had the opportunity to research Japanese Americans at Oberlin during WWII, and I wish I could have continued! Perhaps in the future..

For now I guess I’ll need to watch what I post on this blog, as it may gather some new alumni visitors! (Hopefully everyone can appreciate the more lighthearted posts about Japanese playlists-you-want-to-listen-to-when-your-wife-of-a-year-finally-farts-in-front-of-you.)

For a summary of my research processes click here.

To read profiles of various students at Oberlin during the war click on my “Oberlin Nisei” or “Research” tabs on the Topics sidebar.

Thanks again for reading!


the student files I painstakingly gathered over the semester.

with Ken Grossi on my last day of the job!

with Ken Grossi on my last day of the job!



“What I Wouldn’t Do” by A Fine Frenzy (ukulele cover)

My second ukulele cover. I used a better microphone this time, but it is definitely far from perfect. I recorded it after a long day at Hakone visiting the Open-Air Museum ( and the Hakono Yuryo onsen! The museum was so much fun, and the onsen (hotspring/public bath) was so relaxing- once I was used to being naked with a ton of women. I’ll post photos later! .. of the museum, that is.

Last time I made a cover was during a typhoon. Today as I was converting this video there was a small but kind of long earthquake.