Solo Jazz/blues moves

For the sake of not forgetting everything that I’m learning in a wonderful Faux-co (Faux Exco) taught by the talented Ma’ayan Dagan, I’m compiling a list of the names of dance moves she’s taught us (in no particular order- or whenever I can remember them!):

Week 1 – Jazz

  1. Knee Slaps
  2. Mess Around
  3. Suzy Q
  4. Fishtail
  5. Shake & Bake
  6. Cake Walk
  7. Skate
  8. Bees Knees

Week 2 – Blues

  1. Shim Sham (though I guess this is also swing)
  2. Working on isolating different parts of body

Week 3 – Jazz

  1. Apple Jacks (similar to Knee Rocks)
  2. Bees knees (review)
  3. Jazz Square
  4. Boogie Forward/Backward
  5. Boogie down
  6. Falling off a log

And more that I can’t quite remember…

It’s so wonderful to be dancing two times a week! (I do Intro to Swing on Mondays.) I’m happy to know that I’ll definitely be able to continue these once I’m in Japan.